Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hope is everywhere!

My daughter, whom I refer to as Snap, is 17. She's full of cynical disdain for the world at one moment and unbridled hope and enthusiasm in the next. I love it. She was in one of her 'disgusted with Mom's new outlook' moments, and skeptically said, "You can find something to be hopeful about in any situation?" And I said, "I hope so" (and grinned at her, annoying her to no end and amusing me to the same extent), and she said, "Oh yeah, well how about this?" and showed me the story of the young lesbian woman who was beaten almost to death by her girlfriend's brother, on Thanksgiving. I looked at the story, and was horrified by the extent of the woman's injuries (for your own sake, just don't Google it. You can't unsee things). I asked Snap how she'd heard. She said it was all over the internet. And I said, "Well, there's your hope. People are outraged by this. Not that many years ago, this wouldn't even have been news. It would have just been another dyke getting what was coming to her. Now, it's an outrage. Now it's something that horrifies people. There's your hope."

She shook her head at me and left. But she knew I was right. :)

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