Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to have a good day

Today was one of those days that usually cause me to have meltdowns. I have cramps. I'm overtired. My husband was late coming home from work. The speech path was here, and came late. The news is awful. The kids are grumpy and whiny. But I did okay. Oh sure, the house is a mess and I'm in bed at 9, but I had a good day. And why? Mostly because I decided to. :)

I had an hour with Crackle in the playroom. I like to do two or three, but one was enough today. And it was fabulous. He was so with it. So interested. So playful and fun. He laughed. He played. It was a blast. We played a game where he touched the block and I gave him spins. If he touched the other block, I dropped him onto the bed (He LOVES that). He requested more singing so many times. And every time I hit a note a bit wrong, he winced and plugged his ears. And I laughed. He gave me a look when I started singing his favourite song that was a bit, oh, I don't know, disappointed? And I realized I wasn't singing it in the same key as the CD, so I switched keys, and he grinned at me with absolute joy. I bet that for 45 minutes or more of the 60 minutes I was in there, he was interacting. It. Was. MAGNIFICENT. He's never had that kind of attention. So I'm holding on to this. And I'm flying.

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