Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hallelujah! Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my favourite days ever. I love the imagery. Not so much of Zombie Jesus, but of Love Never Dies. Hope Reigns. A New Day Dawns. Resurrection from death. My friend Mary Ann Dimand said this:
Christians have a special reminder today that all is not lost, that every human is precious and important, that screw-ups are not final. Today is a good day for new beginnings, toward the furtherance of life.

(So is every day.)
YES! She's so right. It really doesn't matter if it happened literally. What matters is that we remember the message, and start over, trying to get it right.

Speaking of getting it right, I'm seriously impressed with the new Pope of the Catholic Church. Not enough to go back, but impressed nonetheless. He renounced his infallibility this week. He washed the feet of women (one of them Muslim - though I have to wonder if she wanted that, or if she was ordered to by the warden. I mean, would a devout Christian want an Ayatollah's blessings? I don't know). He's not living in the papal palace. He's got a strong agenda of helping the poor. Let's see where this goes!

As I've mentioned, my church is closing. This bothers me, but all is not lost, and some good is already coming from it. The community garden that was housed at my church went looking for a new home, and resurrected the one next door to my house, meaning that I won't lose my two plots like I thought I would. That's wonderful, because I really enjoy gardening, and some of the people there rely on it for a lot of their food. And we donate a fair portion to the food bank. So glad it's not going to close.

Today was a perfect day. Happy Easter.

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